COVID-19 Reopening Solutions: Occupancy Management in Buildings

(The above demo video was shot at a shared house of a few engineers)

During the reopening process, CDC’s guidance (page 50) recommend to restrict the number of people in shared spaces and to reduce occupancy.

To deploy this solution, all you need to do is install a camera pointing at the building entrance or entrances. Then, connect the camera to a BrainFrame box, preloaded with SafeVision, and set up a display in front of the entrance. Power on the box, type in the maximum number of occupants allowed inside, and the system is ready to go. An indication will be shown on the display when it is OK for someone to enter. As people exit the building, SafeVision will keep track of the number of occupants, and will know when space is available.

This solution also supports the ability to monitor multiple entrances and exits. As long as you have one camera near each entrance, you can monitor how many people are entering and exiting, keeping an accurate count of the total occupancy in the building. 

Please contact Aotu if you’d like to know more about our pandemic reopening solutions, hardware and software fully integrated products including thermal scanning, face mask checking, enter/exit control, and occupancy management is all automated and powered by BrainFrame.

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